Minimalism Is Not Perfectionism

This past year brought with it many adventures for Travis and I.  Most recently, we bought our first home together! After closing in late November we moved in right before the Thanksgiving holiday hit.  Since then we’ve been going non-stop. Unpacking, having family visit to see our first official home, and going to Lowes [...]

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Live With Less, Travel With Less: A Guide to Packing Minimally

Summer is in full swing and for many of us that means some kind of vacation is just around the corner.  For Travis and I that meant our first week long family cruise. After overpacking for our ski trips this past winter (I probably wore about one third of what I brought with me) [...]

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How to Simplify & Manage Your Paper

  It's incredible to me to think about how much paper our mail carrier manages to shove through our small mail opening in the door each day. Bills, magazines, advertisements, and coupons are just some of the things that we come home to every afternoon. My husband and I would pick them up, toss [...]

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How To Simplify Sentimental Items

Old photographs.  Letters.  Drawings made by my younger siblings. These are just some of the sentimental items that I made myself go through.  Deciding which sentimental items to keep and which to get rid of is an extremely difficult task.  I definitely felt that pang of guilt when I decided to get rid of [...]

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How to Keep Your Wardrobe Simplified

  A few months ago I posted about simplifying my wardrobe.  Using the Marie Kondo method, I laid out all of my clothes on the bed and eliminated about ⅓ of what I currently had.  I donated these if they were in good condition, and threw them out if they could not be reused. [...]

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The Holiday Season: What We’re Doing Differently

This time of year is wonderful.  I love seeing the decorated houses and streets, watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate.  It's also the time of year when you might be expected to decorate your own home and buy gifts for your loved ones.  While enjoying all that the holidays bring I often end [...]

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