This past year brought with it many adventures for Travis and I.  Most recently, we bought our first home together! After closing in late November we moved in right before the Thanksgiving holiday hit.  Since then we’ve been going non-stop. Unpacking, having family visit to see our first official home, and going to Lowes and Home Depot so much that we were recognized by the staff.  We were in that “new home owners mode” where you want to get everything done and have everyone over.  

Now that about two months have gone by, I’m starting to realize that during all of that craziness- packing, moving, unpacking- I was reaching for perfectionism.  I had this mental image of our home in my head and I wanted nothing more than for every room to look just like I imagined.  But no matter how beautiful the images in my mind were, I realized that this expectation I had set for myself was causing me to feel stressed out.  Instead of simplifying things, I was complicating them.   

The fact of the matter is this: nobody is perfect.  Even though I’m trying my best to live with less there is still a junk drawer (or two) in our home, I own more clothes than what I would like, and recently I’ve been struggling with purchasing more than what we need to.

When you look up minimalism online you immediately see all of these beautiful homes, and closets with ten perfectly arranged pieces of clothing.  It’s easy to forget that minimalism isn’t about outward appearance, but is more about making time for the things that are truly important to you by getting rid of the things that weigh you down.  

After taking some time to reflect on our move and my expectations, these are some of the main things I have taken away:

  • Minimalism is not about reaching for perfectionism.
  • There will always be something that you need to let go of.
  • You can’t do everything at once- take things one step at a time and enjoy the journey.

I love how Desirae Endres calls her podcast “Minimal-ish” and says that it’s a “realistic version of minimalism”.  Listening to one of her recent episodes is what made me think about why I was setting this expectation of perfectionism for myself in certain areas of life.  If you’re interested in listening, follow the link to her site below!

Minimal-ish Podcast Link

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