I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Fall to be here.  I want to say goodbye to this sweltering hot and humid Virginia weather and say hello to temperatures in the 70’s, changing leaves and the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte (yes, I am one of those people…).  

But wait, if the season is changing soon that must mean a shopping trip for Fall clothes right??  Or buying Summer clothing on sale? These two thoughts popped into my head the other day, in addition to thinking about clothes for work (I’m a teacher and the new school year is right around the corner!).  And I have to admit that I almost gave in…

After thinking about my goal to keep my wardrobe small, and only full of clothes that I love, I sat down and came up with some steps to go through before I allowed myself to shop.  

  • WHAT specifically do you want to buy?
    • In my case I wanted to purchase a few casual tops.
  • WHY do you need the new clothes you are thinking about?
    • I wanted to buy a few casual tops because I thought I didn’t have any to go with my skirt.
  • LOOK through your current wardrobe and pull out items that align with what you want to buy
    • For me this meant pulling out my summer tops, skirts, and sandals.
  • TRY ON items that you have pulled from your wardrobe and see what outfits you can make with what you already have. 
    • This is also a great opportunity to get rid or/donate items that you haven’t worn and never will.
  • TAKE PICTURES or RECORD the outfits you were able to create so that you remember them on those mornings when you can’t figure out what to wear.

Above are just a few of the outfits I was able to make.

After going through these steps, I thought back to my original urge to go shopping and realized that I probably didn’t need to buy anything right now.  I had made enough outfits to get me through the end of summer (and I realized in the process that I have plenty of tops that will go with pants and jackets for when Fall rolls around).  

However this is not to say that you shouldn’t buy new clothes if after going through these steps you still aren’t happy with your current wardrobe.  If that’s the case then by all means, go on that shopping trip! I hope that you find clothes that you love and that make you feel great every time you wear them.  

Do you have any tricks to stop yourself from impulse shopping?  I would love to hear them!  Leave me a comment below 🙂 And as always, if you enjoyed this post please share it using the links below!