This was a tough one for me, especially since I enjoy cooking and baking.  However after my husband and I got married, we slowly realized that we might have accumulated too many cooking gadgets.  Not to mention that we have an extra small kitchen at our current place…

    • Pull every item out: place it either on the floor or a large table, so that you can see everything.  This helps you to understand how much stuff you actually own.
    • Do you use it often? If you have never used it, or only used it a couple of times, and it doesn’t mean a lot to you- get rid of it.
    • What is its purpose? We had accumulated many things that served the same purpose- so we got rid of those extra items that were rarely ever used.  
    • Is it meaningful to you?  For example, I have one of my Great Grammy’s tea pots.  It’s beautiful and it reminds me of her. Have I ever used it?  No, and I probably never will. But it’s meaningful to me.
    • Reorganize with purpose: Place these things where it makes the most sense. Anything that you use on a daily basis should be in an easy to reach location.  Again- part of this is to simplify and make your life easier!    


Now that you have gone through all of your items, you probably want to donate most of them.  However if you have bought anything fairly recently, see if the store you bought it from will take it back and refund you.  For example, we had a few things from Crate and Barrel that were a few months old and we were able to return them for store credit.