A few months ago I posted about simplifying my wardrobe.  Using the Marie Kondo method, I laid out all of my clothes on the bed and eliminated about ⅓ of what I currently had.  I donated these if they were in good condition, and threw them out if they could not be reused. In the end this was supposed to leave me with a small wardrobe of only the things that I love to wear.  And for a minute I felt like I had accomplished that.

My entire wardrobe after donating/ getting rid of items the second time around.

Months later, this is what I am experiencing….

I am back in the habit of comparing myself to others and making mental wish lists of clothing that I want.  It takes me longer than I want to pick out an outfit in the morning, which wastes time that I could be spending enjoying a cup of coffee and doing some writing before heading to work.  I feel like I am struggling to be happy with what clothing I have and so I am on this ongoing quest for more. Again.

I have come to realize that there are two parts to this problem: (1) general happiness with how I spend my time and (2) fast fashion.  

In order to solve the first part of this problem (general happiness with how I spend my time) I have been making a conscious effort to invest more time in my hobbies.  In the past few weeks or so I have spent more time with family and friends, writing, taking on projects around the house, and so on.  I can definitely say that I am happy with how I have been choosing to spend my time, and I feel like I am spending less time thinking about things that I don’t have.  I would also like to add that I truly believe a large part of this can also be attributed to me spending less time on social media, which automatically makes it all to easy for me to compare myself to others.

Moving on the part two of this problem: fast fashion.  This will always be around- trends that go out of style just as quickly as they came in.  The one main rule that has helped me to avoid buyers remorse is this: wait at least a week before purchasing anything. My strategy for online shopping (because as I become closer and closer to being 30 I really don’t enjoy going out to shop) is as follows: (1) magically stumble upon a beautiful item of clothing that I would love to wear, (2) leave the tab with item of clothing up for at least a week on my computer, (3) close tab if I don’t end up feeling the need to purchase, or wait another week or so and if the tab is still up go ahead and purchase.  More often than not, I will close all of the tabs that I had opened, and will not buy anything.

If I do decide to purchase an item of clothing, or am looking for a certain style, I have been trying to purchase used.  There are a ton of local secondhand clothing shops around me- all it takes it a quick Google search to find them.  Buying secondhand clothing is not only a cheaper option, but is also more eco-friendly (and most of them will purchase used clothing from you as well!).  Another way to do this is to have a clothing exchange with friends.  I recently had a friend who offered up a few items of clothing that she was going to donate, and it turned out that myself and a few others ended up taking them home for ourselves.  As they say, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”.