This past Christmas my husband bought me Joanna Gaines’ book Home Body.  After looking at all of the beautiful rooms that she had designed I was motivated to change up some things in our home. I drove out to the nearest Home Goods, pulled into the parking lot and then quickly remembered my goal of simplifying (and spending less)…

Needless to say I did not end up buying all of the pretty things to make over our home.  Instead I took a cue from the book and decided to sit down and think about what I really wanted from each space and how functional they were.  Once I had a few ideas, I considered the cost of items. A few months ago my husband and I had revamped our monthly budget and I didn’t want to disrupt our progress.  

The first space I started with, thanks to a little advice from Joanna, was our bedroom.  I wanted it to be a relaxing space where we would enjoy ending and beginning our days. We had all of your basic furniture, however the style didn’t exactly match what we envisioned for the space.  A few changes that we ended up making which changed the style dramatically were:

  • We removed the large mirror from the dresser.
  • We took the area rug from our guest room and put it in our bedroom.
  • My handy husband made us two modern looking side tables (about $65 each, hairpin legs from Amazon).
  • We found a small chair at a local thrift shop (Class & Trash) to put in the corner (about $50).
  • We moved some plants from other areas of the house into our room.

Thanks to these few changes and additions, we now have a bedroom that we are happy to enjoy, and it only cost us a little over $100 to make the changes that we wanted. When you think creatively about your spaces instead of just running off to Home Goods, you end up with a more meaningful space for less!