Have you ever come home from a great trip, but after walking through the door of your house immediately feel stressed out?  Maybe you start thinking about all of the things that you forgot to do before leaving, and need to work on now that you’re home.  For me some of these things include: vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, laundry, watering the plants, grocery shopping and meal planning.

If I’m remembering correctly this feeling of walking in the door and then stressing out about all the little things has happened to me about two to three times already this summer.  So for my sanity, and my husband’s, I finally decided that I had let these things get to me for far too long. What I needed to do was come up with a system to reduce stress after traveling- preferably before leaving for our week long beach trip. 

And then, just like magic, my Real Simple magazine arrived with what else but an article asking readers what they did before traveling to make arriving home a smoother process.  Best. Timing. Ever.  I quickly scanned the article and came up with a plan of my own, based on the things that I knew caused me the most stress.  For me, this meant that I needed to do the following things, in addition to packing, before going out of town:

  • Wash sheets
  • Vacuum the house (or at least the main living areas)
  • Meal plan for the week we come home
  • Make a grocery list and schedule a Kroger Clicklist order before arriving home
  • Find someone to check in on the cat and water plants
  • Purchase gifts and cards for events happening the weekend we return home

After checking these things off of my to-do list for the week, we were ready to head to the beach and soak in the sun!  The only thing I ended up needing to do while we were there was use my already made grocery list to schedule a Clicklist order three days out from when we arrived home (and bonus, because I scheduled as far out as they allow, we got our first choice time slot!).

This time when we came home after a great trip, I found myself much less stressed out about the little things.  We still had some small things to do: unpack, start laundry, water the garden, etc.  But luckily Travis and I quickly divided and conquered, and we were able to enjoy the rest of our night together.

*I will add that the one thing I realized I had forgotten after waking up the next morning was having creamer in the fridge for my coffee 🙁 lesson learned for next time!

What do you do to eliminate this stress when arriving home?  I would love to hear!  Please leave a comment below.