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Our Seed Starting Process

A few years ago, Travis insisted on buying a grow light so that he could start flowers from seed for our backyard. I admit that initially I thought he was a bit crazy to want to try this, and it took me a while to get on board. Fast forward to today and we have [...]

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A Year of Simple Living

It’s crazy to think that it’s  been a year since I started Small, Simple & Sunny!  I’m typically one of those people who starts a project but has trouble following through, and so it truly feels great to be able to say I’ve stuck with this blog for a year (even if I’ve been [...]

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Slow Living During COVID-19

Slow living can be defined as “a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life” (Wikipedia). With our world changing due to COVID-19 it feels as though we are all doing some slow living these days. Perspective is everything, and this slowing down of life as it once was can either be seen [...]

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Before You Buy That…Tips for Shopping Intentionally

Over the past couple of months I have found myself falling into old habits such as going to Target just because and making so many Costco trips that my phone started to predict my shopping schedule... This month we decided to start fresh.  Our grace period after buying our first home is officially over [...]

Before You Buy That…Tips for Shopping Intentionally2020-07-23T15:26:25+00:00

Minimalism Is Not Perfectionism

This past year brought with it many adventures for Travis and I.  Most recently, we bought our first home together! After closing in late November we moved in right before the Thanksgiving holiday hit.  Since then we’ve been going non-stop. Unpacking, having family visit to see our first official home, and going to Lowes [...]

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Making Time for Yourself

At the beginning of this school year I took a few moments to think about how many more Vitamin C tablets I had left in the bottle (I make a point to take one each day, especially during the school year and flu season).  Yet as the second week of school rolled in, so [...]

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Automating Your Morning Routine

Mornings have the potential to become quite hectic.  I can’t count how many times I’ve let a not so perfect morning affect my attitude.  Whether it’s changing outfits three times, waking up late or a fuse blowing in the middle of me blow drying my hair, I’ve been known to let the unpredictable get [...]

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5 Benefits of Starting a Garden

If you had given me a plant of any kind 6 years ago it would have been dead within a week.  Growing up I had always had a brown thumb.  I thought plants were lovely- I just never managed to keep many of them alive.  In middle school I asked my mom if I [...]

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