Mornings have the potential to become quite hectic.  I can’t count how many times I’ve let a not so perfect morning affect my attitude.  Whether it’s changing outfits three times, waking up late or a fuse blowing in the middle of me blow drying my hair, I’ve been known to let the unpredictable get the best of me. 

A couple of years ago I had asked for a new coffee pot for Christmas- it was sleek, shiny, and had so many options.  One of those options is the “Auto” feature, and oh how it’s changed my mornings. These days my coffee starts brewing at 6:20AM, and when I walk into the kitchen it’s sitting there waiting for me.  I was amazed at how automating something so simple could make such a big difference in my mornings.  

Needless to say, this auto feature on my coffee pot caused a chain reaction in our household (smart outlets, smart lightbulbs, you name it!).  And recently it’s got me thinking more about how automating certain things in our lives can make something like your morning routine simple and smooth.  

My current morning routine goes a little something like this: 

6:00AM : I wake up to our alarm clock (we recently rediscovered our alarm clock that simulates the sun rising and I cannot wait to set it up again!)  Our cat’s automatic feeder also goes off around this time.

6:20AM: my coffee starts brewing in the kitchen

6:30AM: I pack my lunch for the day (pre-made the night before) and make breakfast

6:35AM: Travis and I eat breakfast together, and I might squeeze in a little bit of writing

7:00AM: I am out the door for work!

*One thing I am trying to get better at is picking out my clothes for the day the night before.  When I am able to do this it’s a huge time saver in the morning!!

All of these systems that I’ve created and added to my morning routine over the years have made it a much more enjoyable process, with a little less stress.  And if the fuse in the bathroom does blow while I’m doing my hair- well, at least my coffee will be ready!

What does your morning routine look like?  I would love to hear from you!  And as always if you enjoyed this post, I would so appreciate it if you would share it with others!  🙂