It’s crazy to think that it’s  been a year since I started Small, Simple & Sunny!  I’m typically one of those people who starts a project but has trouble following through, and so it truly feels great to be able to say I’ve stuck with this blog for a year (even if I’ve been a bit inconsistent with posting). A year has flown by and Travis and I have been busy decluttering, simplifying and just spending more time doing the things we love! It’s been quite a journey so far, and we’ve learned a lot about what we value in life.  

When I started this journey of living simply, my main goal was to declutter so that I could avoid feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the things around us. One thing led to another and before I knew it we had not only decluttered but had also worked on our monthly budget, started gardening, had taken on more DIY projects, and so on! I love that this one decision has taken us down this path and taught us so much.  Reflecting back on this past year, a few things that I believe have been the most helpful in keeping things simple and clutter-free are:

  • Wait Time for Purchases: This one has helped me so much with cutting back on the amount of clothes and home items that I buy! My general rule that I try to use is to wait at least a few days before buying something that is not necessary. Most of the time, I realize that I don’t need to buy whatever it is and we save that money instead of spending it!
  • Budgeting Using Mint: At first I was a little overwhelmed by this site and how many options there are, but we have been using it for a little under a year now and love it! We can easily see where we are with our budget throughout the month as well as look at trends over time.
  • Journaling: Whether I’m journaling about being frustrated, being grateful or just writing down a quick to do list for the next day, journaling has been a huge help for me! I just ordered this Simple Morning Lists journal and I cannot wait to try it out! 

In addition to these things, following people on social media who inspire me has been so helpful in pushing me forward! A couple of my favorites are Desirae Endres’ Minimal-ish Podcast and Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel.  

Moving ahead there are definitely going to be new challenges.  Moving into our first house has proven that in many ways, however it’s also been such a fun time for us to start new projects and turn this space into our home.  Looking back on all of the posts from this past year and seeing everything that we’ve done has been so gratifying, and I cannot wait to continue this journey! 

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