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How To Simplify Your Kitchen

This was a tough one for me, especially since I enjoy cooking and baking.  However after my husband and I got married, we slowly realized that we might have accumulated too many cooking gadgets.  Not to mention that we have an extra small kitchen at our current place... Pull every item out: place it either [...]

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How to Keep Your Wardrobe Simplified

  A few months ago I posted about simplifying my wardrobe.  Using the Marie Kondo method, I laid out all of my clothes on the bed and eliminated about ⅓ of what I currently had.  I donated these if they were in good condition, and threw them out if they could not be reused. [...]

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Creating Spaces That We Love

This past Christmas my husband bought me Joanna Gaines’ book Home Body.  After looking at all of the beautiful rooms that she had designed I was motivated to change up some things in our home. I drove out to the nearest Home Goods, pulled into the parking lot and then quickly remembered my goal [...]

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