After moving three times in the past four years I have learned one big thing about myself: I am easily frustrated by the abundance of unnecessary stuff in my life.  This includes not only physical items, but also just having too many things on my schedule (I am definitely more of an introvert).

I had been spending my time organizing and reorganizing, and getting frustrated when things did not have a space where they fit.  My husband and I would spend weekend after weekend traveling to visit family or go on trips with friends, and I would feel emotionally worn out when we got home.  I let this frustration and stress ruin my entire afternoon. All because of too much.

We both realized that something needed to change, and so I started to journal whenever I was frustrated.  This definitely helped me to see things more clearly. And things got a little better.

But we knew that our lifestyle still had a lot of potential.  And that we had room to grow.

I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs and watching videos related to lifestyle, and so naturally I stumbled upon this idea called “minimalism”.  Before that there was “tiny living”.  And soon all of these ideas started to make sense.

And so I thought why not try it? Maybe some of what they’re saying will actually lead you to a simpler, more calm, more enjoyable lifestyle.

If you’re feeling some of the same things in your life, or you are looking for a change, I hope that you will join me in my journey to a simple lifestyle.  Please subscribe to the Small, Simple & Sunny newsletter above for updates on new content, or follow me on Instagram or Pinterest!